Beyond the Genderbread Person

The Failures of Biological Sex

Part 1: What is Biological Sex?

A stylized render of several X chromosome pairs floating in a blue liquid

Part 2: The Entire Biological State of the Human Body Can’t Reasonably Be Reduced Down to a Single Bimodal Variable

A vague collection of reddish lines and swirls, presumably as part of a cell
Photo by Adrien Converse on Unsplash
Pictured: Me, a Biological Male whose internal biology is identical to when I was born
A chart detailing current medical standards for assigning sex at birth, provided by ISNA.

Part 3: How Biological Sex Obscures Biology

A translucent person sitting on a bench
Two people walking in the woods
Photo by Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash
A clean medical office
Photo by Arseny Togulev on Unsplash
some undefined statistics on a screen
Photo by M. B. M. on Unsplash

Part 4: The Point of Biological Sex

An image of two people kissing
Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash
The original Genderbread Person, featuring 4 spectrums from male to female in Attraction, Identity, Expression, and Sex
Two people presumably celebrating a gender reveal party
Photo by Josh Kahen on Unsplash
A roughly painted set of LGBT pride flag colors
Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash
The biological sex spectrums from GPv2, featuring presets for male, female, intersex, “female self-ID” and “male self-ID”

Part 5: Objections

Two people talking to each other on a bench in front of a window with a view of a beach
Photo by Etienne Boulanger on Unsplash

Part 6: The End of Biological Sex

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash
Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash



Trans Internet Creator with an engineering degree. She/they.

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Trans Internet Creator with an engineering degree. She/they.